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About Us | Facilities - Equipment

The company’s ultramodern facilities are situated in Lagada Thessaloniki owning a property of 26000sqm with a 2000sqm building. Our company has operating license, and a fully operational biological cleaning facility. Our company facilities meet all Hygiene Conditions (Certification of Appropriateness from the Health Administration) and also meet the conditions of the Ministry of Industry. We apply all safety and health conditions. Our company shows particular importance on personnel’s safety and contributes to the protection of the environment.

The area where the linen is treated in our facilities is designed in such a way that we have an architectural separation of the dirty and the clean linen.

The area is divided in 3 separate sections which are the following:

I.Area of Dirty Linen
An independent section where the dirty linen are temporarily stored and screened.
II.Washing-Cleaning Section
This section is independent and this is where the actual cleaning and washing of the dirty linen is done.
III.Clean Linen Section
This section includes the ironing, the folding, the drying, the packaging and store of the finished and clean linen. It is a completely separate and independent area where only the clean linen is treated and the staff and transport means in this section are completely different from the rest.

Our ultramodern machinery equipment is composed by a tunnel batch system, monorail system for sorting, washer extractors of all dimensions and capacity, tumble dryers, iron presses and 2 high speed ironing lines with fully automatic feeders and folders.
The highly trained staff together with the ultramodern machinery equipment that we possess gives us the possibility to handle very large quantity of linen pieces.

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